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Pitspone Farm is a suburban farm and nursery specializing in small fruit and berries, including fig, elderberry (American and European), currant, gooseberry, aronia, jostaberry, goumi, saskatoon, raspberry, blackberry, bush cherry, goji, and mulberry. I strive to offer numerous cultivars for each type of berry or fruit so that you can see which you prefer. In some instances there is very little difference between varieties. In other instances there is a great deal of difference in appearance, growth habit or flavor of fruit.
Since 2007 I have been selling to fine dining restaurants and other food establishments in the central NJ area. In 2012 a nursery was established to make many of these plants available to nearby nurseries, landscapers and individuals. My goal, as owner, is to offer the largest selection of unusual berry and small fruit plants in the area. 
Plants are generally sold in containers, which allows them to be planted year-round with minimal disturbance. During the late fall and early spring I sell cuttings and also ship bare root plants. 
All the plants I sell are suitable for the mid-Atlantic region. I focus on cultivars with good vigor, disease resistance and great tasting fruit. 

I welcome visitors, though visits are by appointment only. Please call or email at least a day before you would like to visit.

Head to our sales page for a complete listing of plants for sale.
Michael Brown
Kendall Park
732 297-0594