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Pitspone Farm is a work-in-progress exploring small-scale farming in a suburban setting. My focus is growing small fruits and berries - both common types like raspberry and blackberry and less common berries like elderberry, gooseberry, currant, haskap, goji and others. Pitspone Farm is located in the backyard of my suburban residence and encompasses approximately 1/3 acre of intensively grown plants. I sell berries to a variety of customers in the central NJ area and also have customers come from as far away as Long Island, New York City and Philadephia. In addition to berries, I also have a State certified nursery with a vast range of berry and small fruit plants.

39 Eastern DriveKendall Park, NJ 08824
Tel: (609) 577-3182

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Because Pitspone Farm is located at my private residence, I request visits by appointment only.

Our Staff

Michael Brown, Owner

I've been working since 2006 to grow and develop Pitspone Farm as a viable model of a small-acreage suburban farm. I'm a firm believer in exploring ways for small landholders to financially succeed in supplying local food and value added products.

Contact me at: pitsponefarm@gmail.com

What do We Grow ?

The list is constantly growing: we strive to offer numerous cultivars for each type of berry or small fruit so you can see which you prefer. In some instances there is very little difference between varieties. In other instances there is a great deal of difference in appearance, growth habit or flavor of fruit.

  • Fig
  • Elderberry(American)
  • Elderberry(European)
  • Red currant
  • Gooseberry
  • Aronia
  • Jostaberry
  • Raspberry
  • Blackberry
  • Strawberry
  • Dwarf cherry
  • Goji
  • Mulberry
  • Haskaps


Buying Berries from Pitspone Farm

I am continually harvesting- from the first haskaps in early June to the last raspberries ending with the first freeze. Each harvest usually sells out quickly, so please contact me if you are interested in a particular berry. Please note that I do not ship berries.

Buying Plants from Pitspone Farm

All the plants I grow and sell (with the exception of figs) are suited to the climate of central NJ. I concentrate on cultivars with good vigor, disease resistance and great tasting fruit.
If you come to the farm to buy plants, you will also be able to see full-grown examples of many of the plants, to help you understand their eventual size and growing characteristics. Because all plants are sold in containers, they can be planted year-round with minimal disturbance. During the fall and early spring I also sell cuttings and ship bare-root plants.

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5/5 in 7 reviews

Nebraska Dave

Just finished reading your article on successful backyard farming. Finding the niche in the market is the most successful way for a small grower to make a profit. Thanks for encouraging others to give up the grass and grow some food.



We read about Pitspone Farm in the Lancaster Farm Journal. We were so impressed with Mike's story - we contacted him and traveled 2 1/2 hours to visit. Once there, Mike greeted us warmly and showed us around his collection of plants. He provided information to us to help us adapt his concept to our farm, and recommended the types and sizes of plants to help us get a harvest in our first year. We purchased European and American elderberry, Gooseberry, Red Currant, Aronia, and some full season strawberries. Great quality plants, and we truly enjoyed meeting Mike. He is a wealth of information and support.


Ryan Ballou

Pitspone Farm had exactly what I was looking for; a productive and hardy edible plant. I planted nut and fruit trees, I can expect them to produce in 5-7 years, but with the elderberry, choke berry (aronia), goose berry, and black currants I picked up, they will produce in one year. I am assured that I will have fresh berries to juice and make into shakes.
The prices were much better than if you were able to find them at a retail nursery. A true hidden gem for gardeners.


Adrian Hyde

Michael is extremely knowledgeable about berries, and horticulture generally. We are an active farm customer. We have been very pleased with the quality of Pitspone's stock, and the subsequent guidance has been invaluable.


Alina T.

I was searching for live plants for a while- currants, gooseberry. I had a very bad experience in buying bare root plants on line. One day I flung on line Pitspone farm. One phone call and I was full of hope!. Michael was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. After visiting his farm I not only left with currants and gooseberry but with the plants i never heard that existed- aronia, elderberry, cherry bush and jostaberry. I planted all as per recommendation (I have near zero gardening experience) and so far everything is alive! Everything looks healthy and grew up so much. I also purchased aronia berry fruits in August, Delicious, I froze them for the winter in batches. Only regret that I did not buy enough. Next year before my plants become fruitful i need to follow up closely to get more different fruits from the farm. AMAZING PLACE! thank you Mike!


Pitspone Farm is a work-in-progress exploring small-scale farming in a suburban setting.

Our Hours

Because Pitspone Farm is located at my private residence, I request visits by appointment only.

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